Maxa cookie manager pro download

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Maxa cookie manager pro

MAXA Cookie Manager handles conventional as well as new technology cookies . Black and white lists provide a balance between privacy and productivity by. The Standard Version of MAXA Cookie Manager is freeware. Download MAXA Cookie Advantages of MAXA Cookie Manager Pro vs. Standard: More options . MAXA Cookie Manager, MAXA Security Tools and MAXA Crypt are the flagships MAXA Cookie Manager - Feature comparison chart. Feature, Pro, Standard.

"I have tried several other programmes that are supposed to delete cookies but most have failings. Cookie Manager Pro does everything I want. It shows what. Cookies smooth your Web surfing experience, but webmasters can use them to gather private information. MAXA Cookie Manager Pro. MAXA Cookie Manager Pro lists all the regular browser cookies found on your system as well as advanced browser cookies and browser-independent cookies.

Download MAXA Cookie Manager Pro free. First Cookie Manager supporting browser independent and conventional cookies. ✓ Updated. Download MAXA-Cookie-Manager Pro. Most people are unaware, that beside the normal browser cookies.

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